Types of Fireplaces

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Masonry Standard Chimney Cap   Masonry Custom Hip Cap
Masonry STD Cap
Used on masonry chimneys to prevent the entrance of moisture, animals, and debris into the flue.
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Masonry Custom Cap
A desireable alternative to the standard cap. It affords protection from weather to all of the chimney top.  These are fabricated to fit the entire top of the chimney.
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Prefab Chimney Chase Cover   Beautiful Copper Chimney Shroud
Prefab Chase Cover
A sheet metal assembly that, when properly sized and configured will protect the system from weather, animals, and debris. It is used in conjuction with the manufacturers termination cap.
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Radius Shroud
A fabricated listed option that "finishes" the top of a prefab chase, and may alleviate some performance issues and add beauty to your home.
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