Installation of custom chimney shrouds, chimney caps, and chase covers
Custom Cap & Shroud Installation

Chimney Masonry Repairs
Chimney Masonry Repairs

Renovation of Leaning Chimneys
Leaning Chimneys
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Georgetown Chimney Sweep Renovation: custom chimney shroud installation, chimney leak repairs, chimney masonry repairs, chimney relines
Cap and Shroud Installation
Proper installation of rain pan & shroud can save you thousands of dollars in  major renovation down the road. Pans that are made made too small allow water to pass between the pan and chase.
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Masonry Repairs
An improperly repaired chimney can be unsafe, even short-lived. Not to mention ugly. Poorly repaired chimneys or fireboxes can emit dangerous gases. Usage of the wrong mortar can cause chimney masonry to deteriorate or come loose. This often leads to a leaning chimney which is exceedingly dangerous

Leak Problems
Proper installation of rain pan & shroud can save you thousands of dollars on major structural problems down the road
Typical Leak Problems | Typical Rust Problems

Chimney Relines
The liner is the passageway in the fireplace or furnace flue through which gases and smoke travel in order to escape your home. The liner separates the fireplace or the furnace system from the rest of your house. If your liner is poorly fitted or is leaking, we can replace it with the industry's leading liner products.

Fireplace Changeout
There may be several reasons to tear out and replace an existing prefabricated fireplace. Reasons range from water damage and deterioration to a desired conversion to gas. Our chimney experts can replace the old one and keep the integrity of the original fireplace or they can swap the hearth as well.